Scruffy's is a dedicated family owned 501(c)(3) Non Profit FeLuk+, FIV & Special Needs Cat Sanctuary and Hospice. We operate on donated funds, wish lists and eBay sales.





We are a living memorial to my Scruffy who always believed he was a momma cat! He came from an ice and snow filled parking lot in Garner, NC. He had facial sores, scabs down his back was 95% hairless and terribly malnourished. Of course, he came home with me. My thoughts were that he was a really old guy needing a warm place to retire. However, upon his visit to the vet were told he was a 4 month old puppy with sarcopic mange, frostbitten paws and numerous other issues. From that point, he lived inside and slept in my bed, even after he passed the 100 pound mark  He moved back to to Louisiana with me when I returned home and evacuated for Katrina as did many others. He only lived a few more years after we relocated here but he will always watch over us all ... (: